Drawing from its urban and historic context, Novella at Arcadia contributes to the rich legacy of infill housing in Phoenix’s Arcadia Neighborhood. This thirty-six unit townhome community reinterprets its historic neighborhood  with a close examination of the qualities that make the district so popular—from Al Beadle’s highly regarded and extremely popular ‘Boardwalk’ and ‘Three Fountains’ communities to the comfortable and timeless houses and cottages of Arcadia.

The image and character of Novella at Arcadia is designed to achieve a genuine affinity to its place, and to foster the healthy outdoor lifestyle of our desert community. Subtle whites, grays, and earth tones accent a composition of different stucco textures to achieve a project distinctive and memorable, not in the use of brash form or color, but in its quiet, yet confident, invention and composition of textures and finishes.